Edited by
Grant Schubert

Directed by
Grant Schubert, Ethan Fowler and the Foundation Team

Produce (not misspelled)
Tod Swank

Director of Affairs

Art Direction
Nathan Bell

Cover Art
Mike Sutfin

Motion Graphics
Dan O Sullivan

DVD authoring
Mark Spencer

Music Rights
David Gillanders

Team Manager
Eric Wall

The Foundation Team

Ethan Fowler
Corey Duffel
Mike Rusczyk
Gareth Stehr
Don Nguyen

Angel Ramirez
Matt Allen
Tommy Gurrola
Sierra Fellers
Abdias Rivera

David Reyes
Sean Conover

Filmed By:

Stephen Duffel
Greg Esquerre
Dave Hoang
Jeff Morris
Grant Schubert

Additional Filming By:

Alex Adams
Travis Adams
Josh Alamanza
Anthony Amedori
Josh Beagle
Ricki Bedenbaugh
Quentin de Briey
Bill Bycroft
Kyle Camarillo
Mike Campos
Ryan Carbajal
Sage Caswell
Rick Charnoski
Chet Childress
Jason Clark
Brandon Commelli
Adam Crew
Seamus Deegan
Lee Dupont
Julian Dykmans
Andrew Elliot
Mike Gilbert
Cody Green
Matt Hanson
Kurt Hayashi
Bryan Herman
Russell Hogan
Russell Houghten
Marwan Humphrey
Andrew Hunter
Jared Huss
Ryan Kansas
Jimmy Kappel
Matt Kehoe
Aryeh Kraus
Joe Krolick
Chris Larue
Johnny Le
Aleks Lewandowski
Ryan Lovell
Jared Lucas
Preston Maigetter
Cole Mathews
Kevin McGowen
Jon Miner
Buddy Nichols
Bucky O Connell
Dan O Sullivan
Beagle Oneism
Shaun Oppedisano
Alex Pennachia
Ryan Petaishiski
Kevin Phelps
Scott Quendavalli
Chris Ray
Dario Rezk
Lannie Rhoads
Michael Ryan
Chris Sheets
Mark Shiraldi
Dave Smith
Josh South
Mike Stanfield
Mark Stewart
Mike Svenson
Jamie Thomas
Minh Thong
Christopher (Cricket)Thurber
Eric Trout
Gene Turner
Geoffrey Van Hove
Sean Weikel
Roger Wilhout
Matt Winterberg

Guest skaters in order of appearance

Nuge's Part
Justin Roy
Daniel Shimizu
Richie Belton
Lizard King

Angel's Part
trevor uriona,
derek milton,
sean frederickson
nial frederickson,
daniel finholme
paul azevedo
ernie torres
jerrod saba

Rusczyk's Part
Kevin McGowen

Abdias' Part
Ian Gow

Friends Section

James Hickey
Cameron Boutte
Greg Piloto
Cody McElroy
Sid Melvin
Rod Harper
Max Chilen
Eric Wall
Kyle Camarillo
Caswell Berry
Ernie Torres
Mike Drake
Chris Larue
Richard Dilley
Shuriken Shannon
Patrick Melcher
Adrian Mallory
Matt Ball
Dyson Ramones
Ryan Petaishiski
Chet Childress
Grant Schubert & Pat Rakestraw
Charlie Thomas
John Ponts
Ryan Pearce
Andrew Pearl
Ethan Fitzpatrick
Vic Zanoni
David Ricketts
Jeremy Reeves
Kevin McGowan
Paul Otvos
Joey Lee
Max Genin
Patrick Streiter
Josh White
Sean Weikel
Mike "Owen" Franklin
Sean Malto
George Moreno
Andrew Elliott
Daryl Angel
Schuyler Ricketts
Josh Beagle


Foundation Equipment Corporation (FEC on NYSEA) offers it's highest

The Foundation Crew - Never ending chaos!
Grant Schubert Master Editor
Dan O'Sullivan Mr. Special Effects
Nathan Bell and Matt Barker and Eric Wall
Mike Sutfin for the cover art
The rest of the Yeto-ites
REPRESENT - Barrio Logan! San Diego proper!
Jake Phelps, Mike Burnett and Eben Sterling at Thrasher
Ed Templeton and all the Toy Machine Gangsters
Cullen and David at TWS
Roger Harrell @ Skateboarder
Watson Laminates Posse los matones!
Swift and The Skateboard Mag dudes
Cataclysmic Abyss Cinematographers + Photographers
Secret Society Members
August and Kevin at Dekline
Rich "The Cooker" Cook
Sean & Blue Collar Press Crew
The IASC Gentlemens Club
Anthony Yankovic III
Josh South
Mark Spencer
and especially
Matt French
Skate park of Tampa Crew
Joel Gomez @ Sessions
Jamie Thomas and Mike Sinclair @ Black Box
Russ Pope and Dave Hoang @ Duffs
Steve Luther and Ryan Reis @ Circa   Chet and Chris @ Globe
Robin and Dave @ VANS
Jimmy and Pat @ RUCA
Don Brown and Mark Waters @ Sole Tech
Jeff Henderson and Justin Reegan @ Emerica
Lance Dawes @ Independent
Josh Beagle

Special thanks to our worldwide partners - distributors and shops that
support and believe in Skateboarding Foundation and Professional


Title Intro
“Odens Ride Over Nordland”
performed by Bathory
from the album “Blood Fire Death”
Maze/Kraze Records

Skate intro
“A Corpse Without a Soul”
performed by Mercyful Fate
from the album “The Beginning”
Roadrunner Records

“Better Off Dead”
performed by La Peste
from the album “La Peste”
Matador Records

"Behold and See"
performed by The Ultimate Spinach
MGM Records

“The American Ruse”
performed by MC5
from the album “Back in the USA”
Rhino Records

“I Put a Spell On You”
performed by Creedance Clearwater Revival
from the album “Creedance Clearwater Revival”
Fantasy Jazz Records

“Never, Never Gonna Give You Up”
performed by Barry White
from the album “All Time Greatest Hits”
Mercury Records

performed by Sonic Youth
from the album “Rather Ripped”
Geffen/Universal Records

“Sultans of Swing”
performed by Dire Straights
from the album “Dire Straights”
Warner Brothers Records

“Yeah Right”
performed by Girlschool
from the album Demolition / Hit&Run
Castle / Sanctuary Records

“Stuck In the Middle With You”
performed by Stealers Wheel
from the album “Stuck In the Middle With You”
A&M Records

“Dead Moon Night”
performed by Dead Moon
from the album “Livevil”
Music Maniac Records

“Wooden Pipe”
performed by Electric Wizard
from the album “Come My Fanatics…”
Music Cartel

Flow Section
“Time is Mine”
Performed by The Testors
From the album “The Testors Complete Recordings 76-79”
Swami Records

Friends Section
"Patriots of Love"
performed by The Catholic Comb
Vexed Verse Records

Web Links

thisisponyattack.com (Kimmy, Nathan Bell)
skatecrime.com (Grant Schubert)
danozone.com (Dan O Sullivan)
hideawaylights.com (Mike Rusczyk)
beautifulbreakdownvideo.com (Stephen Duffel)
getcreepy.com (Kyle Camarillo)